What is a Mini Sheepadoodle

Mini Sheepadoodles

What is a Mini Sheepadoodle? A mini Sheepadoodle is an Old english Sheepdoh crossed with a Mini poodle. This is often referred to as a F1 Mini Sheepadoodle.


A Sheepadoodle is a cross-breed/hybrid dog obtained by breeding an Old English sheepdog with a poodle. The name (which alters "poodle" to "doodle" in reference to the Labradoodle) was coined in 1992. A first generation (F1) Sheepadoodle is a doodle which is bred from an old English sheepdog and a poodle. First generation doodles tend to have added health benefits since they are the first in their line. They shed very lightly. 

There are celebrities that have sheepadoodles, such as Meryl Davis and Fedor Andreev, who have a mini sheepadoodle.

If you have ever met a Mini Sheepadoodle you can not help but fall head over hills. Their goofy, funny, spunky personality draws you in and you have to have one. They are perfect in every way. 

mini sheepadoodle
mini sheepadoodle

Mini Sheepadoodle questions

What size are Mini Sheepadoodles?

Mini Sheepadoodles can range in size. Mini Sheepadoodles are usually 20-40 pounds with the average being 30 pounds. Mini Sheepadoodles are about the same size as a Portuguese Water Dog.

What is the Mini Sheepadoodle Temperament like?

Mini Sheepadoodles have wonderful temperaments. They do best with a semi active family. They are find laying with you on the couch but do need to be properly exercised.

How much exercise does a Mini Sheepadoodle need?

Mini Sheepadoodles need about 30 minuets of vigorous exercise per day. A morning walk will help your Mini Sheepadoodle be on his best behavior. 

Are Mini Sheepadoodles good with kids?

Mini Sheepadoodles can be good with kids. They have the perfect amount of energy for a family with kids. They love to play with kids and be a part of the family. Because of the possible herding instinct they need to be taught at a young age what is expected of them. 

Are Mini Sheepadoodles good guard dogs

Mini Sheepadoodles are not the best guard dogs. They will alert you to strangers but they are more likely to lick them to death than scare them away. 

How long do Mini Sheepadoodle live?

Mini Sheepadoodle live 12+ years. They are a healthy breed with few health risks. To ensure that your Mini Sheepadoodle has the best chance at a long life span make sure you purchase your puppy from a breeder that does all availalbe health tests.