Why Pick London Sheepadoodles

Why pick London Sheepadoodles?


Our ultimate goal is to provide a great life-long healthy pet for your family

Here are a few of the things we do with all of our sheepadoodle puppies:

Sheepadoodle Experience

 If you are looking for a breeder with experience you have come to the right place. We have over 10 years of breeding experience.  

Sheepadoodle Veterinary Care


Before our sheepadoodle puppies go home they are looked at by a licensed veterinarian. Our vet checks the puppies heart, eyes, ears, bite, patella, and for hernias. Our vet will sign off on all puppies before they go home to you. 

Breeding Practices


All of our breeding parent dogs must be AKC registered. We also have a strict policy against In-Breeding or Line-Breeding. With only two breeds in the cross we can reasonably determine the outcome of the cross breeding and to be able to help you understand the dog's needs and personality. If you were to consider a mix breed that has more than two breeds or unknown breeds as parents, you cannot assess if this dog's character will match your family's needs. This is a big plus for your family as you choose a breed that is right for you and your lifestyle!

Socialization of puppy litters for temperament development is a must. Early socialization, beginning at birth, will form a sound temperament and develops a happy, healthy puppy, a great life-long companion. This is an unequaled process at the most formidable age molding our puppies into great family member. Early socialization offers; Neonatal, Dog to Dog and Dog to People socialization. The goal is that each puppy meets 100 different people or animals before it goes to the new owner's home. 

The Love Of Sheepadoodles

We have a deep love and appreciiation for sheepadoodles. Growing up our family pet was a Sheepadoodle named London.  My son named our first Sheep Dog for our program London so we decided to call our selves London Sheepadoodles.  You will not find a more bubbly breed than the Sheepadoodle. They are goofy, funny, and smart. They have the best charachter traits for a family pet. They do great with active families that like to go on walks. Sheepadoodles are the ultimate circus dog. You can always find them bouncing around and  trying to make you laugh. If you are looking for a dog that is more like a human the Sheepadoodle is the breed for you. We specialize in standard, mini, and tiny Sheepadoodles.

Exercise and Socialization For Sheepadoodles


All of our puppies are raised indoors. The puppies run around with the kids. Every night before bed we do a 5-15 minuet exercise routine with the puppies. This helps them get used to a nightly routine and burns off energy. 

Socialization includes:

Biosensor Tactile Socialization: Day 3 - 10 Neonatal Neurological Stimulation.

Mother and littermate Interaction: Birth-4th week Puppies learn bite inhibition and how to interact with each other.

Dog to Dog Socialization: Week 4-8 Introduce puppies to other litters in the home. 

Dog to People Socialization: Have as many different people, children and adults, as possible handle puppies. With exercise pens this affords excellent socialization at this early age. We have all sizes of people dressed in hats, glasses, and scarfs.